“My aim was to show them that English is a key, and not just a subject at school”. Sophia Iwaniuk about volunteering in GoCamp

GoCamp. A transparent, youth-oriented NGO-backed programme and also the most exciting summer imaginable. Surpassing my expectations, it is educational to campers and volunteers alike. After graduating university in 2018, I left home in London, UK for my first camp, and subsequently returned for another the following year. I was born and grew up in a […]

“Communication, listening, being open, kind and patient to kids is the key.” Agata Gorski about her GoCamp experience

I was born in the United States to the parents of Ukrainian ancestry and this country’s culture and history always fascinated me. Therefore, I decided to come to Ukraine as a volunteer. With no previous experience, I just googled  “volunteer programs in Ukraine” and GoCamp was the first thing that popped up and it looked […]