For volunteers

GoCamp is looking for English/German/French-speaking volunteers who would come to Ukraine to share language skills, become cultural ambassador and mentor for Ukrainian children in summer camps all over the country. Let’s change Ukraine together and make children`s dreams come true!

As a GoCamp volunteer you will:

  • Experience Ukrainian hospitality and culture while living in a host-family all over Ukraine;
  • Motivate kids to break their language barriers, think creatively and critically, be tolerant and communicate in a multicultural environment;
  • Join global GoCamp family of more than 1012 volunteers from 72 countries and 160 000 Ukrainian kids;
  • Get an affordable opportunity of traveling with a purpose.


GoCamp 2020

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, there is an option of ONLINE VOLUNTEERING.
Nota Bene: September and October sessions are going to take place in Ukraine, Online Volunteering is available for you on the rolling bases! Find more details about GoCamp Online volunteering.

1st session:

September 02 - September 18


3nd session:

October 22 - November 6


3nd session:



What you get
as volunteer

4-day international camp for volunteers near Kyiv
accommodation in a host family and local SIM-cards with data
meals with world-known Ukrainian dishes
pick-up at the airport in Kyiv and transfer to your host community and back
personal manager support, visa support and a hotline 24/7
certificate and recommendations

GoCamp volunteer:

Volunteers of any age, origin and professions are welcome. GoCamp is fostering diversity
During past years we host students from all over the world, retired people, young professionals, Ukrainian diaspora, passionate travellers, educators, families with kids and groups of co-workers
Ukrainian celebrities and ambassadors of the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Belgium, Norway, Sweden, Poland, India, the Netherlands, Austria, Germany and representatives of the French Embassy also volunteer with GoCamp
At least 18 years old (options for family, couple, corporate and group volunteering are available)
Speaks English, German or French fluently
Has interest or experience in volunteering or teaching kids

Programme steps

  • Filling out the online application form
  • Skype interview with our manager
  • Submitting a package of documents
  • Paying participation fee - 75$ or 65€ or 59£
  • Getting introduced to the local school teacher and host family
  • Arrival in Ukraine
  • 4-day international preparational camp for volunteers
  • Travel to host community
  • Let’s Go Camp!

International camp for volunteers will include:

  • 4 days in a picturesque place near Kyiv upon your arrival to Ukraine
  • preparation how to be a GoCamp volunteer
  • sessions about the programs, roles of volunteers and how to work with children
  • sessions on practical fun and educational camp activities
  • sessions on child protection policy and behavior and classroom management
  • a crash course of the Ukrainian language and country presentations
  • team-building quests and much fun!

The participation fee of the volunteer is being paid as a confirmation of participation at the GoCamp project and covers organizational expenses during volunteer work in Ukraine.

75 $

Programme cost

As a non-profit organization, we fundraise money for the projects and by paying a participation fee volunteers also contribute to GoCamp and by this expense receive:

  • pre-departure team assistance
  • visa support
  • airport pickup and transfer to the training location
  • orientation training
  • food and accommodation during the training
  • logistics to their camp locations and back to Kyiv
  • in-country support and 24/7 hotline

GoCamp Alumni are not obliged to pay a participation fee, yet can also support the project if they have a possibility and willingness to donate.


Under the supervision of the Camp director and English teacher volunteers assist in directing all activities including but not limited to English classes, games, sports, projects etc. Volunteers become mentors and friends for kids, cultural and language ambassadors.

English teachers are responsible for developing camp program and schedule. GoCamp 2019 programs will be developed according to four strands:

  • School as a centre of the community (about active citizenship)
  • Animal planet
  • Innovations and entrepreneural culture
  • Art and creativity
  • Leadership and Debates

School children aged 8 to 15. Camp groups and English language ability will be mixed, and these may vary from school to school. Our volunteers will not be the teachers at the camps. Camp staff comprises of English and other subject teachers from the participating schools.

The time and commitment required varies depending on the role and the needs of the local Camp. Generally, we require volunteers to be available for around 5-8 hours during the day, 5 days a week (Mon to Fri), and weekends are free. During the weekends, you may travel and site-see. GoCamp managers will be happy to provide advice and assistance. It is also possible to stay at the camp if you do not wish to visit nearby cities. Volunteers are welcome to explore Ukraine before or after the program at their own cost.

All regions of Ukraine are covered. Most camps take place in small town and villages, in picturesque places. You will be sent to the region you showed interest in. Orientation camp for volunteers upon their arrival will occur in Kozyn, Kyiv region, for 3 days. GoCamp provides transportation for our volunteers free of charge from the airport to the camp for volunteers and then to the nearest to the school camp railway station. Local school representatives are expected to pick the volunteers up at the station and bring to the campsite.

If you got this far, then you are probably aware of the recent events that have troubled Ukraine. We will state this from the very beginning that the camp and you are in a safe environment, far away from any danger and isolated from all the political and social turmoil. Ukraine is at war with Russia in the eastern region of Donetsk and Luhansk, Crimean peninsula is occupied by Russia (marked pink on map). The rest of Ukraine is safe, everyday life goes normally. Our volunteers safety and security is our priority, so no volunteers are sent to the conflict areas.

GoCamp will take care of:

  • pick-up at the airport in Kyiv and transfer and transfer to the camp for volunteers
  • 3-day international camp for volunteers near Kyiv. Accommodation and meals will be provided
  • training how to work with kids and toolkit for volunteers
  • camp programs
  • school camp site according to your preference
  • logistics within Ukraine
  • accommodation in a host family and local SIM-cards with data
  • meals with world-known Ukrainian dishes
  • transfer to your host community after camp for volunteers and back
  • personal manager support, visa support and a hotline 24/7
  • certificate and recommendations

The program does NOT cover airfare to and from Ukraine. Volunteers are responsible for covering the cost of: airfare to and from Ukraine, obtaining their visas (transportation to and from consulates, doctor’s appointments, Criminal Background Checks, etc.), international medical insurance, 75 $ participation fee and bringing sufficient funds for their own personal needs (travel, leisure, etc.). The amount of spending money you should bring depends on how much you think you will spend while in Ukraine. The current exchange rate can be found here ( While keeping in mind that volunteers near smaller villages will spend less money during the week relative to volunteers in larger cities, GoCampl recommends at least $100.00 (USD) for each week you will be in Ukraine.

If you still have any questions

please, contact us