What is GoCamp?

GoCamp is the biggest volunteer programme in Eastern Europe, where volunteers from the whole globe motivate kids to learn foreign languages and introduce the world to children from all over Ukraine.

Do you want to change the world? Inspire children!

By joining the project, you create a new generation of future leaders of Ukraine, inspire youth to overcome any barriers and open new cultures, languages, and opportunities.

What we do

Organize free language camps throughout Ukraine
Provide teachers with innovative teaching methods: project-based learning, gamification and immersion in multicultural environment
Develop programmes for students on leadership, creativity, social entrepreneurship, critical thinking and democracy
Invite volunteers from all over the world to motivate children to learn foreign languages
Break stereotypes about Ukraine in the world
Promote volunteering

GoCamp programs

Animal Planet

Students will get acquainted with the animal world and explore how animals adapt to the environment. The students will have adventures, experiments, stories about animals and games. Also, children in groups will create projects, because the best way to learn a language is to apply it in life.


Students will develop their creative thinking - one of the most demanded skills of the 21st century. Students will immerse into the world of fine arts, street art and drama. The result of the program will be presentations of their own video works.

Dreaming big with Kyivstar (about innovations and entrepreneurship)

Youth will mastered the basics of entrepreneurial culture. Teens will not only learn the "golden rules" of successful entrepreneurship, but also understand why it is important to develop entrepreneurial culture in the modern world. The minimum of theory, the maximum of practice - the youth will create their own mobile application.

School as the heart of the community

The school will be converted to a hub, where children groups will create and implement community projects aimed at the improvement of the rural community. The camp program will be built around the village and village community, but every day students will consider different aspects of community life such as active citizenship, technology, ecology.

GoCamp Achievements


1353 foreign volunteers from 82 countries


2289 schools-participants of GoCamp


166 500 children from all over Ukraine


Elina Kent, USA

I got to live like a local, explore Ukraine, and teach lovely kids! The teaching was so much fun and the kids were so excited to learn and talk. The culture and people were so unique I was always learning new things! I wish I could do it every summer!

Peter Roman, Denmark

I was blessed to work in an international environment with volunteers coming from Ukraine and abroad as well, and I can definitely say that I made lots of friends for life. In other words, Ukraine gave me a lot and I can't be thankful enough for taking part in GoCamp.

Publications in the world media

Global Office

is an NGO aimed at fostering informational, political, economic, cultural and social integration of Ukraine into global community, as well as internal integration.

The operation of the project office is based on stakeholders unions (multistakeholder initiatives). We create strategic partnerships with\between international structures, government authorities, diplomatic institutions, business community and civil society representatives in order to implement our projects and reach our goals.

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Our mission

Initiation and implementing projects that promote internal and external integration into global context and creating a framework for educating the new generation that shares the values of the free world.

Our values

  • Commitment to results
  • Global Thinking
  • Readiness for challenges
  • Win-win partnership
  • Harmony


Vul. Ivana Mazepy 1,
Kyiv, Ukraine