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Schools are welcome to participate in GoCamp Online Camps. You will get a foreign volunteer, new programs, certificates and presents! For the present, GoCamp sessions in the summer are available in online format only.

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GoCamp 2022

For GoCamp Online participants we offer updated programs on creativity, digital technology, business and entrepreneurship, which we will do together with foreign volunteers and mentors - experts in various branches.

Online programme


The registration form is in Ukrainian. You will be redirected to the Ukrainian version of the website

Offline programme (tba)

How can schools participate in GoCamp online 2022?

Stage 1

We are registering

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Stage 2

We receive instructions

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Stage 3

We are waiting for the announcement of the results!

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Stage 4

We are getting ready for the camp!

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Stage 5

We participate in the training

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Stage 6

Let’s GoCamp!

We are interested

GoCamp teachers become agents of change at schools across Ukraine

Teachers do not just introduce a contemporary format of summer vacation, but also set the standard of a new teaching method centered around the interests and talents of the children.


The registration form is in Ukrainian. You will be redirected to the Ukrainian version of the website

What schools get from
the GoCamp project?

Educational events that provide further professional training for teachers
Methodological materials that will help to create unique camp programs
Innovative camp programs that aim to develop 21st century skills
Opportunities to work with international volunteers from all over the world
Complex support with the organization and conduction of language camps


At a language camp (online or offline format), children participate in the realization of exciting projects and tasks while speaking English (or other foreign language) among themselves and with the foreign volunteer. Using the specially developed program, children learn to work in teams, communicate in a multi-cultural environment and be tolerant.

GoCamp lasts for two weeks, including:

  • working on socially beneficial projects;
  • language and film clubs, drama clubs, numerous games, quests and songs;
  • joint tours and trips (if the school and the volunteers opt to do it);
  • an intercultural event involving all the children who want to participate and the foreign volunteer.

Methods and principles of the GoCamp program:

  • Project-based learning (PBL)
  • Development of 21st century skills and values
  • Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL)
  • Gamification
  • Language immersion
  • Learner autonomy

GoGlobal, in cooperation with partners, organizes 2-day training for teachers before each GoCamp online language camp, who will be responsible for supporting the group of children and following the program.

The working language of the workshops will be English/German/French. In the case of offline school language camps, we’ll organize a 3-day training for teachers in Kyiv.

Details will be provided separately.

During the GoCamp online camps, students, teachers and volunteers will communicate and complete project tasks of the camp program using the Zoom and Discord platforms. Also, if desired, teachers can invite volunteers online for their foreign language lessons, about which the teachers should inform the GoGlobal team and send the link for the joint meeting to their GoGlobal coordinator.

In the case of offline camps in 2022 the schools which have passed the preliminary selection process and the volunteers will exchange contacts. For two months before the beginning of the camp, the teachers and the volunteer will be able to work together on the program, activities and content.

The volunteers will represent different countries and nationalities, so they will become cultural ambassadors in Ukraine. In turn, we will have a unique opportunity to open Ukraine to the world, to break the stereotypes about our country, to share our culture with international guests. So a mandatory condition for the school’s participation in the project is providing the volunteer with accommodation with host families.

Living with a host family provides unique opportunities both for the family which hosts the volunteer and for the volunteer themselves.

Host families must meet the following criteria:

  • provide a separate room for the volunteer;
  • provide the volunteer with at least two meals a day;
  • provide internet access;
  • provide proper sanitary conditions (both cold and hot running water, cleanliness);
  • it is preferable if the volunteer can communicate with the family and be introduced to the culture, everyday customs and habits;
  • provide comprehensive information to project organizers about all the conditions of accommodation for the international volunteer in advance.

Advantages for the school:

  • no need to spend the money of the school.

Advantages for the family:

  • opportunity to learn about a new culture;
  • opportunity to find friends abroad;
  • opportunity to become an ambassador for Ukrainian culture;
  • opportunity to learn a foreign language free of charge.

Advantages for the volunteer:

  • saving money on accommodation and food;
  • opportunity to be immersed in Ukrainian culture;
  • opportunity to find new friends;
  • opportunity to try real home cooking.

GoCamp schools:

Attend the GoCamp workshop (online / offline).
Spread the program experience among teachers in their city, town or village and their region, report about it to GoGlobal.

During offline programs:

Provide the volunteer with accommodation (host families are preferred).
Provide the volunteer with at least two meals per day.
Meet the volunteer at the station (the date and time of the volunteer’s arrival and the train station where he/she is going to arrive will be received from the central office coordinator).

Important! Teachers are responsible for organizing activities, and they play the leading role in the preparation and conduction of the programs. The volunteer helps the teacher, joins the activities, can offer their own activities. The main role of the volunteer is to motivate students to talk in a foreign language. During the project work and other activities in the camp, the volunteer works in the group of children and together with the children (online / offline). In discussion clubs, the volunteer can take the role of the host and moderator.

Do the Homework (the volunteer’s Homework is to prepare information about their country, success stories and activities for the camp — games, songs, quests, etc.).
Actively participate in the development of the program and the organization of activities in the camp.
Participate in the activities and tasks together with the children.
Take a children’s safety course (online and/or in person).
Attend an orientation workshop (online / offline).

During offline programs:

Provide all the documents required to participate in the program, including a medical certificate and a certificate to prove that they have not been convicted of any crime.
Pay $75 for their participation in the project.

Develops requirements for the GoCamp program.
Organizes training for teachers.
Provide camp programs and methodology.
Selects schools to participate in the project.
Selects volunteers to participate in the project.
Provides informational support to volunteers and schools before and during their participation in the project.
Informs volunteers about the schedule and program of the project, develops and provides the Homework.

For offline programs:

Provides visa support.
Provides logistic support: meeting the volunteer at the airport, accompanying them to the railway station. Informs the school about the date and time of the volunteer’s arrival.
Organizes the orientation workshop and forms the information package for the volunteer.
Ensures 24/7 connection with the schools and the volunteers.

It is mandatory to fill in the form in two languages: Ukrainian and English. Some information from the form will be published on our website in your school’s profile and available to international volunteers.

  • Video length — up to 90 seconds.
  • The video must be IN ENGLISH (German and French schools may make the video in two languages: English and the language of the camp).

What we expect to see (for offline programs):

  • children’s engagement in doing the creative task;
  • a call from school children for a volunteer to come to your school and not another one (a poster, a flashmob, a video call, etc.);
  • a mention of GoCamp.

The schools are selected by two criteria only: motivation, which you show in the creative task, and the quality of the filled form.

The camp methodology, which will be provided during the workshop, targets children from 7 to 15. If your college can engage children of this age to participate in the camp organized at your educational institution, we will be glad to see you among the participants. Decisions in these cases are made individually.

You can indicate your desire to do so in the “Tell us about your school line,” indicating the name of the volunteer. But we cannot guarantee that the volunteer you indicated will come.

Yes, the schools which participated in GoCamp in the previous years participate in the competition on the general grounds.

The volunteer works on the basis of one camp. So several schools can unite and create one camp, submitting one application for the participation.

The number of groups and the number of children in a group is determined by the school based on the number of camp participants and teachers involved in the organization of the camp.

The camp methodology, which will be provided during the workshop, targets children from 11 to 15 years old (offline) and 13-15 (online).

The schedule of the camp is chosen independently by the school. However, the volunteer must have Saturday and Sunday off.

Only one representative from each school will be present at the workshop (speaking English is required).

The number of students at the school or its location do not affect the school’s participation in the project. For the second year in a row, 77-80 percent of the schools visited by volunteers are located in small towns and villages across Ukraine.

The volunteers pass several stages of selection, and the key criteria are proficiency in English (or German/French), willingness to work with children and passing the security check.

All the volunteers are proficient in English, but we also look for German and French speaking volunteers.

No, the volunteers do not necessarily have pedagogical education; that is why the responsibility for the program and the organization of the camp is on the school. Nevertheless, the volunteers are ready to be actively involved at all the stages of program development and implementation.

Yes, if the school has many students and (for offline programs) can organize accommodation for two volunteers.

Preferably at least one member of the family should be able to speak with the volunteer about everyday matters.

The host family must provide a separate room for the volunteer. The house must have decent sanitary conditions (both cold and hot running water, cleanliness) and internet. It is preferable if the volunteer can communicate with the family and be introduced to the culture, everyday customs and habits.

Yes, they can, if they can have a separate room, decent sanitary conditions (both cold and hot running water, cleanliness) and internet access.

If you have questions about submitting the form, please describe your problem in detail, indicating your browser and the operating system, the size of the uploaded files, whether some fields were highlighted in red and so on, and to make a screenshot of the error screen, and send the information to

If you still have any questions

please, contact us