GoCamp Afterschool is the biggest volunteer programme in Eastern Europe, where volunteers from the whole globe motivate kids to learn foreign languages and introduce the world to children from all over Ukraine.

After classes, children will be able to communicate in English (or another foreign language) with their peers and a volunteer while taking part in the realization of interesting projects and tasks. Within the program, students will be able to learn how to work in a team, communicate in a multicultural environment, think critically, and be tolerant.

Apart from the afterschool activities, we encourage volunteers to take part in the educational process as well while visiting lessons for 10-15 years old students. We are also encouraging the schools to be innovative and plan not only English classes but also adapt lessons on other subjects and invite a volunteer to take part in these activities as well (this program is discussed with the school representatives beforehand). As a result, a volunteer is able not only to share English language skills during the camp but some personal knowledge and experience as well. 

Last spring GoCamp team has launched a pilot GoCamp Afterschool programme in Kyiv and Kyiv region and now the programme will cover the whole country. For the pilot, we invited 24 volunteers from 11 countries to volunteer teaching English in Ukrainian schools. Here you can see how it was!

Programme Duration

The camp is going to last for three weeks (the duration of participation might be discussed individually) plus three days of training.

In total, a volunteer spends in Ukraine within the project up to 22 days.

Options and timelines:

  1. Autumn session.
    • program duration November 24 - December 15 
    • session dates include a training session on November 24-26
    • November 24 - volunteers' arrival day, airport pick-up is provided ONLY starting from this date 
    • November 26, second part of the day - volunteers leave the orientation training camp and departure to their school locations
    • November 27 - start of GoCamp at the school, December 15 - the end of the program, volunteer's departure from the school location to Kyiv (might be discussed)
  2. Spring session.
    • program duration February 23 - March 16 
    • session dates include a training session on February 23-25
    • February 23 - volunteers' arrival day, airport pick-up is provided ONLY starting from this date 
    • February 25, second part of the day - volunteers leave the orientation training camp and departure to their school locations
    • February 26 - start of GoCamp at the school, March 16 - the end of the program, volunteer's departure from the school location to Kyiv (might be discussed)


The program might include following activities (depends on the agreement with the school and volunteer’s cooperation with the teacher):
  1. Work on socially useful projects
  2. Games, speaking and cinema clubs (you can offer your own discussion topics and agree with the teacher on the topics and programs)
  3. Involvement into English (or another foreign language) and other subjects classes (tentatively agreed with the subject teacher and providing you are interested in such an activity)
  4. Excursions (providing the school and the volunteer are eager to)
  5. A school event aimed to share cultures and experiences. 

What is expected from GoCamp Afterschool Participants

School representatives:
  • To develop and provide to GoCamp before November 1 (after this, the program and materials are discussed with the volunteer)
    • an idea of the project and the steps of its realization within the camp
    • a schedule of volunteer’s visits and participation in the classes and an indicative list of topics for a volunteer to prepare
    • a list of discussion topics, speaking clubs, and meetings
    • a plan of excursions, their aims and the level of volunteer’s involvement
  • To attend the training where the teachers will get the materials, workshops, and a session of discussions with our speakers
  • To provide the volunteer with an accommodation (host family is preferred), meals twice a day at least, and all the resources required for volunteering work during the program duration


- To provide the documents required
- To pay a 75$ fee
- To complete a homework:
* сountry presentation (simple and interesting for children facts about volunteer’s native country, perhaps in a form of presentation);
* preparing materials for the project work and lessons after discussing the program with the teacher
- To discuss the program offered by the school teacher and present own ideas on how it might be improved
- To attend a training session
- To take an active part in camp activities and their organization

What GoGlobal provides:

  • Develops the requirements for the GoCamp Afterschool program the school representatives are going to develop
  • Organizes GoForum and training for teachers
  • Selects the schools who will participate in the project according to the rating
  • Provides informational support to the volunteers and schools before the beginning of the project
  • Provides volunteers with support in visa issues
  • Provides volunteers with logistic support
  • Matches volunteers with the school and establishes communication with them
  • Organizes a training for volunteers 
The schools that did not have a possibility to work with a volunteer during GoCamp summer session are a priority for GoCamp Afterschool 2017-2018.