When you meet amazing people, you simply don’t want to let them go. So do we! And that is the reason we wanted to give rise to a community of former and forever GoCamp volunteers, people consolidated by shared values and willingness to take part in the positive changes in Ukraine - GoCamp Alumni Club.

We want to provide our Alumni Club members with more opportunities to stay connected and engaged in the GoCamp history. We are open to cooperation and want to offer you a few opportunities how you can take an active part in the Alumni organization.

Become GoCamp Alumni Board member!

GoCamp Alumni Board is a panel of initiative volunteers who will present volunteers' common position and have a possibility to influence the decisions related to GoCamp. The volunteers who have participated in GoCamp in 2016 and 2017 can apply here. The final composition of GoCamp Alumni Board will be approved by the GoCamp team.

What do Board members take part in?

Become an Alumni Regional Coordinator!

Alumni Regional Coordinators are the heads of regional hubs all around the world aimed at the creation of a worldwide network of volunteers and their subsequent communication.

What do Alumni Regional Coordinators do?

How else can you contribute as a GoCamp Alumni Club member?

Apart from donating your time and efforts to GoCamp at school, you can become a donor and help other people volunteer and help young Ukrainians master foreign languages. Eventually, you will receive an open report from the Global Office on how was your money spent.
Want to help a particular school? Be a promoter or a fundraiser for a school you have volunteered in or choose one among the school-participants. There is a lot of opportunities to stay in the lives of GoCampers even without being here in Ukraine - assist the school to raise money or look for funding for a new computer class, gym restoration, help them enrich the school library with English books etc.
If you want to share your strong skills and involve children in a new sphere of interests, you can organize an online training, course, webinar, Skype, etc. Another cool option - online bridges: connect a school in your hometown with a school in Ukraine, arrange a Skype with a successful person from your country, find pen friends for Ukrainian students or a class in your country - a wide range of possibilities!

What do you get as an Alumni Club member:

  1. no fee for participation in our future programs
  2. special participation fee discount for Alumni’s friends (an applicant has to identify who exactly from our volunteers has recommended GoCamp to them)
  3. a real network of people in a closed Facebook group where one can find warm contacts from all over the world
  4. strong supporters in Ukraine (in case you need to find any contacts here in Ukraine, contact us first)
  5. internship opportunities in Ukraine
  6. a possibility to attend our annual summer trainings (in case an Alumni member is willing to attend the GoCamp orientation training (irrespective if s/he volunteers this year or not), there is a possibility to book a place for the GoCamp launch and hang out with the old friends and find new ones - starting from 2018)
  7. reunion events in regions (organized by GoCamp Alumni Regional Coordinators)

Let’s stay in touch!